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"Utah Vital Signs 2007: The Ecological Footprint of Utah"

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The Ecological Footprint is a leading sustainability tool that tracks the extent to which human demand on nature exceeds what planet Earth can regenerate. It answers the question, "Are we living beyond the means of nature?" Such a measure of the supply and human demand on nature is indispensable for tracking progress, setting targets and driving policies for sustainability. The calculation method has been standardized by the Global Footprint Network, a nonprofit organization whose goal is to make sustainability measurable by advancing the Ecological Footprint. Utah Vital Signs is a partner of the Global Footprint Network.

The Ecological Footprint of the planet has been calculated by the Global Footprint Network in conjunction with WWF International. The results are described in their joint report, The Living Planet Report 2006.

The Utah Vital Signs study focused on the consumption of the human population within the political boundaries of the state of Utah. This is the first time that the Ecological Footprint for a state of the United States has been calculated. Two study years were included, 1990 and 2003, to show the trend within Utah.

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