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A Sustainability Indicators Research Project

Living Beyond Our (Ecological) Means

footprint graphicWhat's Your Footprint?

How big are your feet?
To calculate your own personal ecological footprint, go to http://www.footprintnetwork.org/calculator and answer about 20 questions. (To compare your results with the averages listed on this site, you will need to translate the results from acres into hectares. Just divide the number of acres by 2.47.)

What is Utah Vital Signs?

Utah Vital Signs is a sustainability indicators project of the Utah Population and Environment Coalition, with the goal to empower Utah citizens and decision-makers to make better choices about their future by providing clear, well documented information about key indicators of environmental sustainability in Utah.

Utah Vital Signs is a proud partner of the Global Footprint Network, a nonprofit organization whose goal is to make sustainability measurable by advancing the Ecological Footprint.Logo of the Global Footprint Network

The Utah Population and Environment Coalition is proud to announce the completion of the first round of its sustainability indicators project, Utah Vital Signs. Integrating data from many agencies and organizations, the group has calculated how well Utah is sustaining its unique natural heritage and preserving it for future generations. The result is the report, Utah Vital Signs 2007: The Ecological Footprint of Utah.

chartsmallversion Our research discovered that Utah is living beyond its ecological means, with consumption of resources exceeding nature's renewable supply. Between 1990 and 2003, Utah went from an ecological surplus of 10.8 million global hectares to an ecological deficit of 2.4 million global hectares.

See the full report and other downloadable documents and links to news and opinion following the report's release. For more information:

Sandra McIntyre, Project Director
Telephone: +1-801-910-5561
Email: smcintyre@utahpop.org

Wayne Martinson, UPEC Chair
Telephone: +1-801-355-8110
Email: wmartinson@xmission.com