Promoting a Sustainable Balance with Human Population and the Environment

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Utah and UPEC:
Utah's beautiful, pristine, and expansive natural environment has been greatly degraded in recent years, fueled by high population growth and rapid growth of its resource extraction-based economic sectors. Utah's leaders are actively planning to accommodate a predicted doubling of the population in the next 20 to 30 years - especially along the urban Wasatch Front.

UPEC was founded in 1997 initially to provide a data-based foundation for considering population and environment concerns and issues. It is managed and directed by a nine member Board (please see "Who We Are", left).

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UPEC: Bridging Population and Environment
OUR MISSION is to promote a sustainable balance with human population and the environment.
We believe it is our responsibility as citizens of the earth to be concerned about the environment, sustainability, and population.  We place special value on the unique heritage and landscape of the state of Utah.
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because it's ok to plan!!
UPEC's VITAL SIGNS initiative, launched in 2007, has resulted in two PROJECTS:
The Ecological Footprint Study (2007),  and, the Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI, 2011). The Eco-Footprint Study concluded that Utah is living beyond its ecological means, with consumption of resources exceeding nature's renewable supply here. 
The GPI Study provided an alternative measure to GDP, offering a more complete view of quality of life.   Have we made genuine progress?

These studies provided a firm foundation for current and future action-directed projects related to our concerns and issues.
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 Our innovative 'It's OK to Plan' media campaign (see or our "small families page, left) focuses attention on Utah's larger average family size and birth rate, encouraging residents to actively plan their 'perfect' family size. This 2013 radio, billboard, and online video media campaign generated major interest and is now ongoing.
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