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Welcome to our website!  Be sure to check out all of our menu options left, including our 2013 - 2014 public engagement effort "Small Families".  Our recent research project is the Utah Genuine Progress Indicator report. 
The Utah Poplulation and Environment Coalition - UPEC - is a community coalition that works to raise public awareness about unsustainable growth in energy, consumption and population.  "Small Families" is our 2013 (and onward) awareness project, building on the resources and results of our Vital Signs research projects:  Genuine Progress Indicator and the Ecological Footprint Study.

We believe it is our responsibility as citizens of
the earth to be concerned about the environment,
sustainability, and population. Furthermore,
we place special value on the unique
heritage and landscape of the state of Utah.
What WE Do:
One prime focus for us is developing and performing timely study and research projects.

The Genuine Progress Indicator study was completed in 2011.  Its results and informative videos can be accessed by vising its menu option, left.   UPEC is a growing coalition of Utahns concerned about population growth and unsustainable environmental impact in Utah, the United States, and the World.

As a coalition we also work in the
greater community to raise awareness and encourage change through our new media campaign:  Small Families.  Please learn about Utah's high rate of population growth and consider the future of our present course.
"The future is in our hands: it is our responsibility"

In addition to our awareness and research projects, we have booths at various public events including the Utah Education Association conferences, community celebrations, and more.

We also provide training, both to educators and to school classes, to teach what people can do at home, work and around the community to make the future better.  We increase awareness on critical issues!
Please go out to our Facebook page by clicking on the icon above.  Twitter friends can follow us - look for the link on "Small Families".  Please 'like' us and share us with your friends and associates!
Landscape Arch (pictured in the upper left corner of our webpages) reflects how fragile the earth really is. In the 1990's, large pieces of the arch fell, indicating that this geologic timepiece may very soon completely fall.  Likewise, our whole earth habitat is sensitive and at risk. Our rapidly growing population, overuse of resources and greenhouse gas generation from using fossil fuels can easily threaten human civilization itself.

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